Natural Ruby Beads

Rubies are natural precious corundum

Symbolizing protection, passion, and manifestation.


passion. Courage. Grounding. Energy . Creativity

Labradorite Gemstone Collection

Promotes creativity and connecting with the higher consciousness

Stone of transformation

Turquoise Collection

Purification . Balance . Strength

Chalcedony. Kyanite. Amazonite

Large Round Gemstones

Gorgeous Big Round Gemstones

Blue Larimar

Larimar brings harmony, promotes self healing, brings love and joy and opens the heart

Larimar Collection

Chakra faceted gemstones

carnelian . Rose quartz . Amethyst. Chalcedony . Aventurine . Tiger eye . Quartz . Agate .

Chakra Collection

Lapis lazuli

Calming. Intuition. Self confidence

Matte lapis

Antique Berber amber & silver necklace

Vintage Collection

Freshwater Pearls

Pearl Collection


Peridot promotes personal power, self confidence and mental clarity.

Sparkling Peridot

Red cloisonné necklace

knotted necklace

Cloisonné jewelry

Pink rhodonite


Balance . Acceptance . Love

Gemstone Spheres

Spheres & specimens for your collection!!

Gemstone Spheres

Spheres & specimens for your collection!!