Carved Morganite Shou Beads

Morganite Beads

Carved Morganite Shou Beads

Morganite Beads

Pink Rhodonite

Rhodonite Beads

Pink Rhodonite

Rhodonite Beads


New Arrivals

Chevron Amethyst

Semiprecious Collection


Customize your own Mala! For spiritual seekers everywhere!

Whichever stone speaks to you most, embrace it, if you love pink & rose quartz go with it, whether it’s for meditation purposes or just for style, the stone should reflect you!

A typical Mala is usually 108  beads, tassel optional, guru bead optional, if you have any specific requests please let us know!

Mineral specimens

Mineral specimens from Quebec, Ontario & Manitoba

eudialyte. Amazonite. Unakite. Cancrinite. Aventurine. Lepidolite.

Gift More Thoughtfully

For loved ones. For Anniversaries. For birthdays. For healing. Most importantly don’t forget you!!

Emerald Specimen





Opens your Chakras

Focus & Clarity

Boosts Creativity

Conch shell

Natural shell

Spring arrivals

Old African gemstones & necklaces

Old white Nigerian agate beads. Old Hebron beads. Old yellow agate . Old brass statement necklace.