From the Earth

Natural Minerals and Stones from the four corners of the world

Precious Stones

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Round gemstone Bracelets

Natural tourmaline 

Chocolate moonstone


Flat gemstone bracelets

Flat gemstone bracelets


Lemon quartz

Beryl aquamarine / morganite


Customize your own Mala! For spiritual seekers everywhere!

Whichever stone speaks to you most, embrace it, if you love pink & rose quartz go with it, whether it’s for meditation purposes or just for style, the stone should reflect you!

A typical Mala is usually 108  beads, tassel optional, guru bead optional, if you have any specific requests please let us know!


Courage. Protection. Peace

Mineral specimens

Mineral specimens from Quebec, Ontario & Manitoba

eudialyte. Amazonite. Unakite. Cancrinite. Aventurine. Lepidolite.

Gift More Thoughtfully

For loved ones. For Anniversaries. For birthdays. For healing. Most importantly don’t forget you!!

Lodalite quartz

Carved lodalite quartz 

fish & flower


Amethyst stalactites

Natural Amethyst stalactite slices


Burmese jade pendants

Burmese jade jadeite pendants 

Men gemstone bracelets

We didn’t forget about you guys!

Custom bracelets made for you!

These include matte onyx, matte hematite, lapis lazuli